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Dr. Sonny Burias & partners at Dental Studio Multi Specialty Group, a premier dental clinic serving patients in BGC, QC, MNL

About Us

Dental Studio Multi Specialty Group is dedicated to creating not just beautiful but healthy smiles. Founded by Dr. Sonny Burias, our clinic specializes in veneers, crowns, bridges, and esthetic restorations. Our team of highly skilled and experienced dentists are committed to providing you with personalized care and attention to give you the best results possible!

My best dental experience so far in the PH. Friendly, professional staff & dentists (they have five). My dentist came up with two smart solutions for my specific need. The procedure was smooth and painless. And this is one of those dentist offices not out there desperate to milk each customer for services they don’t need. 5 stars for sure. Cost was lower than I expected and free 6-month warranty on dental filings.
Physicians are very patient and careful with children, and will not add additional charges unless necessary.

When I got to the clinic I was impressed with the neatness and technology that they are using. I was impressed especially with the professionality, patient care and dedication of Dr. Ong and the senior dentist. She was there for me anytime of the day over the phone and as fast as humanly possible for an emergency. Their prices are not low but the location in BGC was convenient and I saw other dentists doing awful work not for far cheaper. It is worth pay the little extra for the type of personal service you get from them. I warmly recommend.

Especially curated for you.

Experience our custom-made veneers, tailored to your unique needs.

With 30 years of expertise, we guarantee a seamless procedure, offering natural-looking smiles without ever sacrificing health & function.

Discover Art in a Smile with our bespoke veneers!

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